Over the years we built a reputation for providing our customers with outstanding customer service, attention to detail and the highest quality finishes. Every effort is made to make sure you're a happy customer when you leave our building. We carefully prepare each piece for the powder coating process. We remove the old paint and finish right down to bare metal. Special care is taken with components such as rear end housings, engine cases, valve covers and oil pans to ensure that no abrasives contaminate the inner workings of the components. We carefully prepare the items by masking areas like bearing races and mounting surfaces that do not need coating. Our powder coating professional's apply an even coat of powder to ensure good coverage without drips or runs. Once we have powder coated your frame, swing arm, wheels or other components, we inspect them to make sure that they look their best. Once they are inspected they are protected until time for delivery.

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We are able to offer an unbelievable range of colours and special effect coatings. 

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We have invested in the worlds most advanced manual powder coating technology available to give a top finish every time, our skilled operators are always striving for new finishes and effects, some not seen anywhere else in the country! 

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